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Washington, DC - Our Nation's Capital


Smithsonian: Founded in 1846, the Smithsonian is the world's largest museum and research complex, consisting of 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park and nine research facilities.

Washington DC Bus Trip

Explore the politics, patriotism and past of our Nation's Capital, Washington, DC on a bus tour. Since the signing of the Residence Act on July 16, 1790, Washington, DC has been the capital of the United States. Not only is Washington, DC the Worlds Political Powerhouse, the city is also brimming with art, music, dance and museums and theaters of every type. Visit Washington, DCs top attractions from remarkable monuments to renowned buildings. Delight in iconic national landmarks on Washington, DCs National Mall including the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial. Southwest of the National Mall you can reflect on Martin Luther Kings dream of freedom, democracy and opportunity at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial. Explore and see for yourself the intricately woven cultural cloth that is Washington, DC with a sightseeing bus tour.