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Boothbay Railway Village, Boothbay, Maine


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  • Boothbay Railway Village
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Take a step back in time to see Maine life from 1850 to 1950. View the Rural Village life, vintage automobiles and the narrow gauge steam railroad. Learn about living in Maine through an interactive Living History journey spanning 10 acres of land.


Antique Automobiles

Take a journey through the exhibits of cars, starting in the early 1800’s with carriages and taxies drawn by horses. The exhibits demonstrate how automobiles evolved over the decades from a simple horse drawn carriage; 20th century bicycles through the 1950’s Rolls-Royce and everything in between. 

The Exhibits may change as different historical vehicles are placed on display, but typically there are 50 antique cars and trucks to view. Some may include an original 1885 Button Steam Pumper, a fire truck that required only three men to run the pump instead of six or seven. See turn of the Century Rambler’s, Oldsmobile and the ever popular Model T. Ford’s. Continue the journey through each decade to the 1950’s as the automobile grew in popularity and varieties.

For something different, don’t forget to view Brud’s 1964 Cushman Truckster Hot Dog Wagon, this bright orange cart was used for 50 years. Brud was the only “street pedlar” license issued in the town of Boothbay. From 1903 to 1965 Cushman built gasoline motors for farm equipment to scooters used by ice-cream trucks, meter maids, police patrols, golf carts and even had one that was “reportedly” made into a fire truck for the Pentagon.

The Village Green

The Village is the heart of the visit, where history comes alive and is comprised of 13 buildings with artifacts spanning the history of Maine from 1850 to the mid 1950’s. There are two Railway Stations from Maine, car houses, and the unique octagonal crossing shanty originally located in Portland, Maine. There is an 1847 Boothbay Town Hall, where they give lectures, Toy Shop, one room School House, 1911 Freeport Station, General Store and more. One building has a restored 1927 refrigerator; while another one has a collection of over 500 salt and pepper shakers.

The Railroad Exhibits

The Railroad Exhibit consists of over three-quarters of a mile of two foot gauge track. They house three steam locomotives. The trains offer rides through the Village and a visit to one of the two authentic Station Lobbies. Enjoy the exhibits of photographs and artifact exhibits. 

They are restoring, Locomotive Number 2, a two foot gauge locomotive, purchased in 1895 from Baldwin Locomotive. They intend to bring this locomotive back to a full and working train. The Merci boxcar is also located on the grounds, and is a restored box car from the Merci Train, complete with the coats of arms of the provinces of France. The Merci Train, arrive in New York from France in 1949 and consisted of 49 box cars bearing gifts of thanks to the US for aid given to them in 1948.

Model Railroad

In 2006, they began a long project to construct to portray Maine Railroads from 1950-1960 which includes both steam and diesel locomotives all in model scale size.  All of the work is being done strictly by volunteers. The room that houses the model is 46 x 20 feet and will encompass 600 feet of track and 80 turnouts. In addition the building is a replica of the Maine Central Freight Station. The longest straight line is 212 feet which in scale equals over 3 miles. When complete the model train will run through replicas of a Dragon Products cement plant and quarry, a coastal fishing village, a Hillside Village, The Portland Union Station, and more.

Scenic Duck Pond and Gardens

Stroll through the gardens are spread about through the Village, complete with sculptures and an antique fountain. Also, make time to view the lovely Duck pond. Sometimes there are goats that are looking for a snack and willing to eat from an outstretched hand.

Travel Tips

Museum Store

Stop in the Museum Store for a cool drink and quench your sweet tooth. There are toys for the children and books on railroads and more.