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History of Pineland Farms


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 The Pineland Center, sits on the site of the former “Pineland Hospital & Training Center” which was founded in 1908 as a place for those with diminished mental capacity and epilepsy and at times housing as much as 1500 patients.  In the 1950’s they were the “Model” for all other centers in the U.S. to follow.  By the time it closed in 1996 the Center had grown to over 28 training buildings and 1600 acres of land.  In 2000, the Libra Foundation of Portland purchased the land and the Pineland Center now encompasses 5000 acres of farmland and 18 campus buildings.  





The Pineland Center now hosts a variety of self-sustaining working farms, educational venues, business campuses, recreational activities and beautiful scenery.   There are a multitude of things to do and see at the Pineland Center:  The Market and Welcome Center, The Creamery, The Dairy Farms, The Poultry Barn, Potato Farms, The Equestrian Center, The Athletic Center hosted by the YMCA, the Gardens, and Trails that host walking, skiing, mountain biking, and more.

The Market and Welcome Center

All listing of all daily actives and other scheduled events can be found here.  Maps of the trails and the campuses are also listed here.  In addition, the Market sells a little of everything found at the Pineland Center, including: fresh farm-made cheese, jams, jelly, fresh meat, organic eggs, fresh baked bread and pastries, Maine Brewed Beer and Wine, seasonal produce and other crafts. 

The Kitchen Market & Deli

Hosts a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches, with the majority of the ingredients grown locally from the Pineland Farms, Creamery, and eggs from their Golden Comet Hens.

Dish Creative Café

Located in the commons building of Pineland Farm, the Dish Creative Café, is a cafeteria-style eatery that serves a variety of breakfast and lunch items that are prepared with local grown items from the Pineland Farms.

Equestrian Center

The Equestrian Program was created for the riders that want to learn dressage as a sport.  They house one of the largest, heated indoor arenas.  They have an outdoor arena with a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.  The stables house 30 horses and housing for athletes.

The Garden

A full acre of Gardens including vegetable, herb and over 130 varieties of perennial, annuals, blueberry bushes and more. Many of the items grown in the Gardens are sold at the Pineland Market.

The Valley Farms:

Consist of the Creamery, the Dairy Farms, and Pineland Naturally Potatoes, and the Pineland Farms Natural Meats

The Pineland Farms Creamery

Experience a one of a kind Cheese Making Experience.  The Creamery creates handcrafted cheese, from milk direct from the barns filled with Holstein cows and other local diaries.  The Cheese Maker, combines age old techniques with modern technology and state of the art equipment, to make a one of a kind cheese that simply must be tasted to appreciate.

The Dairy Farms

The Holstein cows, also known as the “Wilson-dale,” of Valley Farm are one of the oldest registered Holstein herds in the United States.  The herd was established in 1881 by the Merrill Family in Gray, Maine.  Three generations of the Merrill’s raised the herd until selling herd and farm to Michael and Marilyn Wilson in 1961.  When they purchased the farm, there was a yearling named Trina Redstone Marvel.  Trina’s lineage can be traced back 16 generations to one of the very first cows brought to America from Holland.  Trina’s line is just one of many great family lineages of cows at the Valley Farms.

Pineland Naturally Potatoes

In 2010, Pineland added the Naturally Potatoes Farm.  They use local and renewable energy to maintain the farm.  They are the first refrigerated Potato Company to us their pre-treated waste water to irrigate crops in the summer and in the winter for making snow.  They grow Russet Burbank and Red Norland potatoes in a favorable climate.

Pineland Farms Natural Meats

They strive to produce the highest quality and best tasting meats, while raising “cattle with dignity and integrity.”  They work with over 250 farming families in the Northeastern United States to provide a stress free environment for their livestock without the use of added hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products in their feed.

Travel Tips

There are many great photo opportunities so please remember to bring your camera!

Pineland Farms is an ADA compliant facility.

VAST Veterans

The Pineland Center also offers a variety of programs aimed at helping veterans and veterans with disabilities.