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Historical Mackinaw City


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  • Mackinaw Scenery in Mackinaw City, MI
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Delight in scenic views of the Great Lakes and Mackinac Bridge aboard a guided tour of Mackinaw City. Visit the highlights of the city and discover what brings 1.2 million visitors to Mackinaw each year.


Mackinaw City - Before and Now

History of Mackinaw City

Native American tribes saw the importance in Mackinaw long before the Europeans arrived in the 17th century and established a link vital to the fur trade. The waterway not only headed east toward Montréal, but also south toward Detroit.


Mackinaw City Today

Today, Mackinaw City offers an abundance of shops, marinas, restaurants, beautiful scenery and rich history. It has become Michigan’s prime location to live, work and play all thanks to the city’s waterway that is of great importance to this day.


What You Will See on Your Guided Tour of Mackinaw City

See the wondrous highlights of Mackinaw during your guided tour through the city. From key historical structures to picturesque scenery; discover why Mackinaw is such an important and popular city.


Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

The first stop during your tour of Mackinaw City is the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse. Built in 1889, this lighthouse has seen many a great storms and helped passing ships navigate through the wild waters of the Straits of Mackinac.


History of the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

Four generations of lighthouse keepers lived and worked at the historic lighthouse until the new Mackinac Bridge made the lighthouse unnecessary in 1957. It wasn’t long before the lighthouse was purchased by the Mackinac Island State Park Commission and restored to its 1910 appearance that many come to visit to this today.


The Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse Today

Explore the historic lighthouse’s restored quarters and the exhibits that will take you back in time, or head to the top of the lighthouse for breathtaking views of Mackinaw City and the surrounding areas.

Mackinaw Crossings

After your visit to the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, you’ll head to Mackinaw Crossings offering a unique shopping experience. Discover Victorian shops, a variety of restaurants and Mackinaw’s leading attractions during your hour stay at Mackinaw Crossings.


Shopping at Mackinaw Crossings

From specialty shops like To Bead or not to Bead, a shop that makes handmade jewelry to one-of-a-kind clothing shops like Clothing Connection, a shop specializing in embroidered sportswear, there are unique stores down every corner of Mackinaw Crossings. Find clothing and accessories, toys, home furnishings and decor, art, photography, souvenirs and much more.


Specialty Foods and Dining at Mackinaw Crossings

Sample something sweet in an old-fashioned candy shop, taste fine wine at Nicholas Black River Winery and Vineyard, or indulge in the extensive menu at the Historic Depot Restaurant.  Mackinaw Crossings offers shops that will satisfy your sweet tooth and a number of dining options that will rid you of those hunger pains.


Attractions and Events at Mackinaw Crossings

Learn about the great outdoors at Sharky’s Mackinaw Outfitters, brave the haunted Mackinaw Manor, or explore other exciting events exclusive to Mackinaw Crossings. Mackinaw Crossings is a vibrant center that has attractions and events for everyone to enjoy.