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Guided Amish Tour of Lancaster, Pennsylvania Dutch Country


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  • Picture of a Horse & Buggy on a Country Road
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  • Picture of a Horse & Buggy on a Country Road
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Experience the Pennsylvania Amish firsthand in Lancaster County as part of our Lancaster Dutch Country Show Trip vacation package.  Situated in the southeast region of Pennsylvania is the core of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, home to the Amish, Mennonite and Brethren religious communities collectively known as the “Plain People.” Persecuted for their beliefs in their native country of Switzerland, the “Plain People” started to settle in Pennsylvania during the early 1700s and soon became known as “Dutch” (from “Deutsch”) because of the German dialects they were speaking. Today most Pennsylvania Dutch lead simple lives on farms. Many do not use electricity and most opt for horse-drawn buggies.   


Visiting Lancaster PA by Bus

During your guided tour of Lancaster journey along the scenic back roads of Pennsylvania Dutch Country with a knowledgeable and friendly step-on-guide and learn about the Amish culture, history and way of life as you delight in the Pennsylvania countryside brimming with old-fashioned charm.

Bird-In-Hand Bake Shop

Situated in the heart of the Amish country is the family-owned and operated bakery, Bird-In-Hand Bake Shop. Started in 1972 by the Miller family, the bakery is known for making the freshest homemade baked goods and the finest locally handmade crafts. Baked goods include breads, potato rolls, hot cinnamon buns, whoopee pies, wet bottom shoo-fly pies, angel food cakes, layered cakes and cookies. Handmade crafts include Amish dolls, pillow cases, pictures, Amish straw hats, hand painted slates and other authentic goods.

Country View

Located on an Amish farm is Country View, a shop that provides handmade crafts and goods. Discover everything from handmade quilts to toys. Homemade goods include everything from butter to root beer. Don’t forget to visit the meadow beside Country View, home to the family’s collection of domestic and exotic animals.

Riehl’s Quilts and Crafts

Riehl’s Quilts and Crafts is an Amish family-owned working dairy farm and store with authentic quilts and crafts made and sold by the Amish. The Riehl family has been farming on the site for five generations and has been selling quality handcrafted Amish products since 1993.  From over 200 handmade quilts, quillows, lap throws, and pillows to brooms, baskets, birdhouses and feeders, you will find unique gifts for that person who is hard to buy for during your time at Riehl’s Quilts and Crafts.

Hayloft Candles

Founded  by Ben and Barbara Walker in 1971 and ownership later transferred to David and Sara Yoder, Hayloft Candles has grown into one of the largest candle shops in northern Lancaster County over the years. Delight in colorful, sweetly scented candles and explore a wide selection of other goods during your time in Hayloft Candles including: collectibles, beautiful lighting accessories, inspirational books and cards, furniture pieces and locally made crafts. During the summer months you can enjoy 13 different flavors of homemade ice cream made with cream from local Lancaster County area dairy farmers.