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  • New Mexico Veterans Memorial

From those who have served in past to the generations that will serve in the future, take the time to reflect on the family and friends that have dedicated their lives to the service of our great country at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial Park, part of our Albuquerque and Santa Fe bus tour.

The New Mexico Veterans Memorial was designed in the 1980s under the leadership of the then Mayor Louis Saavedra. Specially built to remind guests of the veterans who sacrificed their lives for the United States of America, the construction of the Veterans Memorial Park did not take place until 1995.

Today the Memorial’s gardens, sculptures, the surrounding Sandia Mountains and the Memorial Museum have made New Mexico’s Veterans Memorial one of Albuquerque’s leading tourist destinations attracting thousands from near and far. 


The New Mexico Veterans Memorial Museum and Grounds

The Visitor Center

Start your journey at the visitor center, home to the New Mexico Veterans Memorial Museum. Designed to look like barracks, the museum gives guests an overview of significant wars throughout history all told from a New Mexico perspective. Wander through the center and learn about Colonial New Mexico, World Wars I and II, the Korean and Cold Wars, the Vietnam War and the Iraq War through stories told by military veterans, their families and their friends.

Submarine Periscope

One of the museum’s highlights is the Submarine Periscope. Taken from a Sturgeon Class Submarine deployed from the 1960s thru 2004, the intriguing submarine is not to be missed. 


Stained Glass 

Take the time to admire the stained glass artwork found throughout New Mexico Veterans Memorial Museum. Created by a west coast artist whose Father served in the Air Force, each piece of stained glass art represents one of the six branches of the United States Military Service.


Medal of Honor Recipients

Don’t forget to reflect on the four Medal of Honor Recipients whose displays can be found between the visitor center’s foyer and meeting rooms.


Memorial Rose Garden

Scattered around the visitor center and throughout the park are unique rose gardens, each filled with a variety of roses significant to veterans. From the Veterans’ Honor Roses to the Peace Roses, each type of rose uniquely symbolizes something of great importance to the veterans who come to visit the New Mexico Veterans Memorial Park.

The Soldier’s Experience

As you continue to explore the grounds, you will come to the seven venues that depict the soldier’s experience. From the Call which symbolizes joining the military to the Homecoming, each venue is symbolic of what a soldier experiences while serving their country.