Group Leader Contact Information:

Name: Stacy Billhartz

Email: [email protected]

Phone #1: (618) 420-0350

Address: PO Box 1012 , Trenton , IL 62293


Message from JR Travelers:
Welcome to JR Travelers powered by Total Access Travel Trip Schedule. Our Trips are arranged for adults with seniors in mind. Some scenic sites are inaccessible to large coaches. Some walking may be necessary to visit these sites; comfortable walking shoes are essential on all of our trips whether they by day trips or overnight multiple day adventures. We hope you are ready to escape your home and join us on visits to some amazing places in our beautiful country.

2024 Trips
Branson Show Extravaganza

Branson Show Extravaganza - July 8 - 12, 2024

Take a group bus tour to Branson, the "Live Music Show Capital of the World!"

Niagara Falls & Toronto

Niagara Falls & Toronto - September 8 - 14, 2024

Our bus tour to Niagara Falls is experienced from the Canadian side - widely known as the best view.